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Seminar at "National Economic University", Kiev

The information was very well structured and conveyed most interestingly. I have visited other seminars and workshops before, but none was as exciting as yours. It did not even matter that the speaker was talking in a different language since the interpreter was excellent.I carried through the PSA only in parts but will definitely finish it in due course. It was certainly the right decision to participate in this seminar.

I really enjoyed your seminar very much. Your way of communicating the information is much more interesting than usual.
It was also interesting to learn a little about the education system in Germany. All information (e.g. regarding business start-up, staff motivation, conflict management) was very hands-on and important for a future start-up.

I received very valuable advice for both sides: Being an employer and an employee.

The seminar was both, very interesting and instructive and, at the same time, it was fun. I always left it smiling despite having to stay at University until late (seminar in the morning, studies in the afternoon). I never regretted having registered for the seminar.  In the evening I discussed the things I learned during the day with my friends. Your life experience is very inspiring! I want to achieve my goals in live with the same positiveness! For you I hope that you will preserve your passion and will inspire many more people for a long time to come! Thank you! Kizyaeva R. on 16.11.2018

I very much enjoyed the seminar. It taught me that there is always a way to achieve a goal if you really want to. The right way to go about it is to think about goals and plan them. It was also important to recognize that money is not the most important tool to be successful in business.
I would also like to thank Igor, the interpreter, for his very helpful (not always literal) translations.
Hopefully, there will be further seminars such as this!

My friends from the faculty and I thought the seminar was just super.
Despite it being held in German language we understood the contents very well (thanks to the interpreter!).
Eckhard Kehrein inspired us to keep on working on ourselves and our development.
Thank you for your work which will certainly yield fruit I the not too distant future.

Many thanks! KNEU with love J

I am happy to have participated in this seminar. The information received was really worthwhile. Both, the speaker and the interpreter did a great job. The atmosphere was informal and friendly. The topic of “time management“ was most exciting not only for me but, I am sure, for many people who have problems in organising their time budget nowadays. I look forward to the next seminar. Thank you!

I very much enjoyed the seminar: It was both, interesting and useful. I am sure that I can well use this newly acquired knowledge. The topic of „time management“ I found particularly great. The seminar is useful not only for students but also for start-ups. Thank you also for the PSA – it was a unique experience.

This seminar totally motivated me to „grow“ and achieve my goals. It distinguishes itself from other seminars or similar events by communicating complex matters in a simple, understandable language – without using sophisticated words. The many examples from „real life“ and the videos were really cool.
Just one proposal for future improvement: The participants should be released from regular classes for the course of such a seminar.
Thank you for this great opportunity! I wished we had more of such events. Thank you J

Important and hands-on knowledge which will help us to be more aware of our life, take the right decisions, accept responsibility, aspire for more and achieve new Goals.

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