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Cooperation with Universities

The first seminar of the Horst Rogusch Foundation at Ivan Franko University in Lviv took place in July 2016.

This seminar captured the interest of so many young economists, jurists, political scientists, and psychologists - who all in one way or other work in the field of management or entrepreneurship – that 2  further seminars were held in 2016 still. In order to delve deeper into the subject follow-up seminars were held in May, June and September 2017 and October 2018. 

Word got around that these seminars in Lviv are very successful and in October 2016 the Horst Rogusch Foundation got an  invitation to also hold seminars at the “National I.I. Mechnikow University" in Odessa. Following this invitation, the first ones took place in March/April 2017 with already approx. 100 people participating.
A further seminar was held in April 2018 with follow-up activities and workshops planned for November 2018.

In September 2017 the Horst Rogusch Foundation was invited to conduct a seminar at the "National Economic University" in the capital Kiew and already in November of the same year the first seminar took place with the participation of many lecturers.
This series of seminars was continued in March 2018 and another one will take place in November 2018.

Also in 2017 a cooperation with the "College for Economy and Tourism" in Lviv was agreed upon which led to the conduct of a first seminar at this institution in October of the same year with a follow-up in May 2018. In October 2018 we added specific workshops for selected students of the College to the actual seminars. 

In 2017 alone, altogether 342 people participated in the seminars of the Foundation.

Our activities in this field will be carried on.

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