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Cooperation with Job Centers and Employers

Already in 2014 some staff members of the "Regional Job Centre" for the Lviv Oblast  were trained in the contents of the seminars to enable them to select suitable future entrepreneurs for the seminars, followed by a cooperation Agreement with this "Regional Job Centre".

Since then at least 4 seminars p.a. have been carried through for qualified participants of the retraining programs who want to start their own business. Their business ideas have been certified and they have also been provided with the necessary methodical knowledge in the seminars.

As a further result of this successful help for self-help in 2015/2016 a group of young Ukrainian women was trained to work as coaches themselves to carry out the seminars of the Foundation.
Since then they have been led step by step into autonomously leading the seminars for their relevant target groups.
In the beginning of 2017 they even started to hold the seminars within the retraining location of the Regional Job Centre on a monthly basis.

The representatives of the Foundation have since been stepping back and Support the trainers by sitting in on classes every now and again, holding specialist lectures and workshops and keeping the contact to selected graduates.

In addition, the Foundation further supports the start-ups and their companies in Lviv by offering mentoring and/ or personal coaching thus accompanying them into their future.

This activity will be further expanded.

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